Tickets are on sale from March 15 - April 14 for Advance Pricing.
April 15 - May 13 for Production Pricing.
Stageworks has three types of tickets for your consideration:
1) In Person - Advance $25.00, Production $30.00
2) Live Stream - Advance $25.00, Production $30.00
3) Digital Download - Advance $25.00, Production $30.00

Stageworks will be offering an opportunity for members to purchase flowers and to support the organization through a 50/50 raffle.
We will also have a concession to purchase goodies and drinks for your enjoyment. 


Please get your tickets here by clicking the link before.


50/50 Tickets

As usual, we have a great 50/50 for our patrons.  This 50/50 will be held on the Theatre and the Dance Show, so we expect it to be quite substantial.

Raffle Tickets Here


Photography is prohibited during the presentations.  A photographer has been hired to take photos during the rehearsal and available for purchase should you wish.

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Grab some beautiful roses for your amazing performers. They have worked so hard to get to this very moment and they deserve all of the celebration we can give them.